Heart Chorus University Program


On March 23 2011, Eva Wong formally launched the Heart Chorus University Program.

An HCAI public-welfare program, the University Program embraces experiential training that is tailored for university students, with the aim of improving their leadership qualities, providing a platform between the campus and society and mentoring the new generation of students with a sense of social responsibility.


Help students achieve clarity about their inner motivations and make better post-graduate decisions about their careers.

Understand the meaning of responsibility, learn to act, make choices and be responsible for themselves.

Establish positive beliefs and attitudes that help in the face of difficulties and challenges.

Enhance the ability to assess people, while promoting self awareness, communication skills and interactions with others.

Experience dealing with interpersonal issues of forgiveness, giving, appreciation, trust and win-win.


Over the course of a three-day program, students undertake experiential learning, with the aim of improving their outlooks on trust, responsibility, compassion, giving and appreciation.

Coaches and volunteers provide students with help in adjusting their attitudes, providing a platform for discussion between students and successful entrepreneurs, coaches and professional managers. This provides a firm basis for students to enter society and embark on post-graduate lives.


Many corporations support HCAI's University Program, ensuring its longevity and its ability to make positive changes on young people’s lives. 

Partnered organizations and volunteers – in particular volunteer students – also play a crucial role in the ongoing success of the HCAI University Program. 

Student volunteers are responsible for organizing every event, undertaking a multitude of tasks – including raising funds – in order to pay it forward and be of assistance to other university students.


I’ve learned to make choices proactively, whereas before I was passive. After making a decision, I completely throw myself into it with huge enthusiasm, making the choice an active choice – forever young and be passionate.

Student from the 165th Session of Wenzhou Medical College

I learned to persist and not give up as soon as I face any difficulties. We have to let go of our judgments and stubbornness on the growth path, and I learned to be 100 percent responsible for myselves.

Student from the 153rd Session of the Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences

I understand the importance of believing in myself, and having confidence. To believe in a team, everybody has to work together. I will not give up easily. To learn empathy and self-understanding, I learn to change and depart from old modes of thinking.

Student from the 156th Session of the Guangdong University of Finance

I understand, when I say sorry, it’s not important why I was angry at that time, and who first bows their heard; the most important is the relationship I have.

Student form the 61st Session of Zhejiang University

When I take responsibility for myself, I can also care about other people’s positions, take responsibility for others. It is also taking responsibility for myself! Moreover, when I’m working hard at something and it doesn’t work out the way I want it to, what do I do? I’ve learned that I can adjust my attitude to it.

Student from the 218th Session of the Hebei Normal University of Science and Technology

Taking responsibility is first taking responsibility for myself. When I face any problems, my actions and results can only improve if I adjust my attitude. Taking responsibility is not just good planning – it’s about about how we contributing to our country, the people and society.

Student from the 52nd Session of Tsinghua University

When my parents are still with me, I want to show them more love. Just a phone call or some greeting can bring them joy. If the parents are happy, how can I not be happy? In the past, my parents held my hands on the road of life, and now it’s my turn to take their hands on the road to the end of their life. I cried, it’s not because I’m weak but because I’m moved. It’s good to go home often and love them more!

Student from the 68th Session Shaoxing University

You’re not your work, you’re not how you perform, you’re not your success or your failure, you are you. You are just you taking full responsibility for yourself. I learned to be grateful for everybody who stands at my side and being with us. Even more, I want to thank our parents, for their unselfish love. Moreover, I would like listen to and greet them more , or run the risk of forgetting our initial determination.

Student from the 95th Session of the Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

In mapping out my dreams and chasing it with all my heart, I really get to know the fact that everybody has a dream. Meanwhile, in the course of pursuing my dreams, I encounter many stumbling blocks that block my path. With every step forward, something tries to drag us back. This is when I learn to go all out. Whatever happens, I have to love, to love my dreams and pursue them. Even if I have to crawl, I have to crawl forward.

Student from the 101st Session of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

It takes courage to dream and to constantly adjust myself according to my goal. Furthermore, it takes persistence, which is key to realizing my dreams. Life is not about superficial effort, but is about needing to first adjust my attitude and letting my heart fill with love.

Student from the 52nd Session Tsinghua University

Growth requires changes in perspectives. Happiness and pain both exist. If I don’t actively accept pain, life will throw it back at me in spades. It is necessary to accept other perspective to adjust myself and become somebody I want to be. When I have learned what I should break with the past, then I have really begun to live in the moment and can see the future and become the person I want to be.

Student from the 100th Session Nanjing University

In my personal journey of growth, I have encountered many things. Maybe I will fail once, twice or countless times. But I can ask myself whether I am going to continue to encourage myself and my team, and not give up and continue to persist. Like Edison’s, be confident and smiling even failed 10,000 times before the success on the 10,001st attempt.

Student from the 232nd Session Shanxi Datong University

All of them are still saplings, but we believe they always will grow into a tree that reaches to the heavens.

Volunteer from the 69th Session of HCAI

Our arrival is the biggest trigger! When we arrive we use our actions to tell the students this world is not like the internet where people just talk and cuss each other. When we arrive, the young people learn how to practice social responsibility. Our arrival marks the students’ understanding of the message of love.

Volunteer from the 25th Session Ankang College

Before this event, I dreamed of brilliant, moving scenes of Heart Chorus University Program. Blessings to all, it was more than that. From the students, I learned more, saw more possibilities, responsibility, forgiveness, passion and saw the power of teamwork.

Volunteer from 100th Session HCAI

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